Field Service App – Design

Field Service App was designed with the field crew mind. Our team went out into the field with service crews to see how they handled their workload. One of the top complaints was having to keep up with the paperwork that came with there service orders. With the field service app that paperwork is gone. Another complaint that they had is that they had no easy way to view water lines wihtout pulling out one of their maps with all the data on it. With the field service app the maps are right on the tablet for viewing. There are many more we could talk about, but these were the ones that came up most often. All the features on the field service app came from the guys in the field, and when we got them a solution they loved it.

Field Service App

Our field service app works in real-time with the back-office service order system. Once an order is scheduled, the crew’s tablet (running our MUSA software) displays all of the critical information of the service order. Scheduled time, priority, distance-based routing, and a map that displays the location of the service.

Mobile Service Orders

Everything a field crew might need to know, including detailed order information, customer information, meter data, past customer/location/order history, or associated documents (faxes, e-mails, or photos), is available in the field with a touch.

Other features include:
reddot10x10 Time on job tracking
reddot10x10 Composite crew and multi-crew support
reddot10x10 Integration with meter maintenance procedures
reddot10x10 Barcode scanning
reddot10x10 Truck-to-office and Office-to-truck messaging
reddot10x10 Back-office vehicle, crew, and service order monitoring

Below are all the features that come with the Field Service App

Service Orders
Meter Maintenance
Job Tracking
Vehicle Movement
Back Office Viewer
Service Order Video
Meter Maintenance Video
Job Tracking Video
Transfer Service Orders Video
Barcode Scanning Video
Messaging between Tablets
Back Office Viewer Video