Service Orders

The workhorse of your field service system is a robust service order scheduling system in the back-office. Once an order is scheduled, the crew’s tablet (running our MUSA software) displays all of the critical information, including scheduled time, priority, and distance-based routing.
Everything a field crew might need to know, including detailed order information, customer information, past customer/location/order history, meter data, or associated documents (faxes, e-mails, or photos), is available in the field with a touch.

Other features include:
reddot10x10 Time on job tracking
reddot10x10 Composite crew and multi-crew support
reddot10x10 Integration with meter maintenance procedures
reddot10x10 Barcode scanning
reddot10x10 Truck-to-office and Office-to-truck messaging
reddot10x10 Back-office vehicle, crew, and service order monitoring
Service Orders
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