Service Orders

Field service is the keystone in the operation of a water utility. Handling service orders cleanly and efficiently means less work for customer service reps and happier customers who want to pay water bills on time. Service order outcomes mean the difference between a clumsy, inefficient operation and an agile, productive one.

Supported service order types include:
reddot10x10 Problems
reddot10x10 Connects
reddot10x10 Disconnects
reddot10x10 Late payment shutoffs
reddot10x10 Internal/maintenance orders

Our solutions are unlike anything else available for water and wastewater utilities today, because we combine your work in the field with your work in the office. We offer a completely integrated service order management system to marry back-office operations (such as the generation of service orders based on customer contacts) with the actual work performed in the field by your service personnel. Below, we showcase some of the back-office features of our service order systems. For the field operator’s view, check out our mobile utility pages.

Problem Ticket
Connect Ticket
Disconnect Ticket
Internal Ticket
Problem Ticket Video
Connect Ticket Video
Disconnect Ticket Video
Internal Ticket Video