Field Service and Back Office

Together at last our Utility Management System and Mobile Utility Service Application works seamlessly to provide real time data between field service and back office personnel. Our mobile platform for field service crews is the first of its kind in the water utility industry, providing real-time integration between field service tasks and back-office information. This fully integrated system streamlines the service, billing, and payment processes resulting in dramatic increases in productivity of field and business office personnel.

Service Order Integration

When water company back office personnel adds a problem ticket to the system it is automatically pushed to the field for the crews to work. Video on the left demostrates how to add a problem ticket from the office. Video on the right demostrates how the crew works the ticket. This is all in real time…no dispatching, no coming back to the office, and no paper. When the order is processed by the crew, it is closed automatically by the system.

Add Service Order in UMS
Work Service Order in Field

Locate Integration

Handling “call-before-you-dig,” or “locate,” requests makes up a big part of any utility’s workload. Our mobile solution (MUSA) works with our back-office system (UMS) to receive and display detailed information about every locate request. In states using OneCall services, we integrate with original OneCall source documents. Best of all, if your utility uses a compatible version of an engineering map server, such as MapGuide, our tablet-based software provides service visualization support right on your engineering maps! What could be easier?

One Call Locate Video
One Call Locate

Field Photo Integration

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our tablet-based MUSA solution is invaluable. MUSA allows your field service personnel to take photos on site and easily attach them to service orders for access from anywhere in the enterprise. With the photo feature, utilities can document meter tampering and landscaping pre- and post-dig or get remote assistance on a difficult situation from more experienced personnel. The video below demonstrates the process from the field to back office viewing.

Field Photo Video
Field Photo

VoiceNote™ Integration

Frequently, field personnel need to note work performed or interactions with a customer. Some utilities ask field crews to keep a paper log, while others use a radio to contact a note-taking dispatcher. Utilities using laptops in the field take a big risk when muddy hands and keyboards collide. The VoiceNote™ technology in our MUSA software enables a field crew to simply speak their notes. These audio recordings are automatically and permanently attached to a service order for later review or transcription, if desired.

Voice Note Video
Voice Note