Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions
Our payment solutions are designed to maximize collections and provide great in-house and online service offerings to your customers. Using our systems, your utility can accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, electronic checks, or even automatic bank drafts. Because our payment solutions are integrated with the billing system, payments made are immediately represented on a customer’s account.

Walk-in/Drive-in/Call-in Payments
Efficiency is critical for handling walk-in/drive-in/call-in payments. Our software enables your customer service agents to quickly handle a customer’s payment needs by accepting payments via credit card, debit card, check, or cash. Encourage customers to take advantage of other system features such as bank drafts, online payments, and payment kiosks for even greater efficiency.


Regular Payments

Efficiency is the order of the day for handling walk-in, drive-in, and call-in payments.

Online Payments
You already know that our online payment portal enables customers to make payments, but it also enables your customers to view their bills online, review past payment history, and view graphs showing their usage. Customers can also change contact information online and sign up for automatic bank drafts.

Nudging customers to your online portal and then providing first-class customer service when they get there is a great way to reduce traffic in-house and cut down on both mail and call volume.


Online Payments

Payment Kiosks
We offer touch-screen, kiosk-ready software fully integrated with our core system for your lobby-based or drive-thru kiosks. Our simple sign-on process gives your customers multiple avenues for accessing their account for a trouble-free experience paying their bill.



Models are available for lobby or drive-thru.